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Teenager is so allergic to water she cannot cry due to painful hives when liquid touches her skin

A teenager allergic to water claims she cannot cry or shower regularly because she breaks out in painful rashes.

Abigail Beck, 15, from Tucson, Arizona, in the US, was diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria last month after its symptoms first struck three years ago.

The extremely rare condition, estimated to affect just one in 200million people, causes hives to form when their skin comes into contact with water.

Abigail said when it rains or she showers it can feel like ‘acid’, forcing her to only wash once every two days.

She has not had a glass of water for more than a year because it causes her to vomit. Instead she sticks to energy drinks or pomegranate juice, which have a lower water content.

Doctors have been forced to give her rehydration pills and are considering giving her regular…

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