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Ukraine war: Russian state media admits ‘shameful’ military failings

Putin’s propagandists have begun openly criticising the state of Russia’s military as even the Kremlin’s most-hardened of supporters struggle to ignore the scope of its failings in Ukraine. 

Vladimir Solovyov, one of Putin’s most-prominent puppets, moaned last week about the ‘shameful’ length of time it takes for weapons to reach the front while guests on Russian state TV talk shows complained that men are being sent into battle ‘with weapons of yesteryear’ and the Russian economy cannot sustain the war.

Mikhail Khodaryonok, a retired Russia colonel, told viewers that even a much-feared general mobilisation of Russian forces would do little to turn the war in Moscow’s favour because it lacks equipment and men to build new units. ‘We don’t have the reserves,’ he told viewers.


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