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MEGHAN MCCAIN: Biden administration dragged it’s feet over shortage of life-sustaining baby formula

America is supposed to be the land of plenty.

A shining city on a hill as Ronald Reagan used to say.

It would be almost unfathomable just a few years ago to ponder a time in which something as essential as baby formula would be in short supply.

But here we are — Americans are facing a baby formula shortage and it is nothing short of a crisis.

Desperate mothers, who can’t find products in the store, are buying formula off of eBay at exorbitant prices.

Some are being forced to substitute for other brands that their children may not be able to tolerate.

And still others trying to make formula themselves with homemade alternatives, which is something that pediatricians warn may be extremely dangerous and even deadly for infants.

The question raging inside of me is: How the hell could something…

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