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The rise of the ‘dissociative pout’: Influencers are donning a ‘dead faced’ look to appear detached

With the Kardashians as their guide, Instagram users spent years sucking in their cheeks and pursing their lips to perfect the so-called ‘duck face’ when the platform first came to the fore. 

Now, trendy young users are taking a different approach by ditching the trusted pose for a blank face and ‘dissociative pout’, often involving wide rolled eyes and a stony expression. 

Coined by i-D magazine, the pose sees fashionable Instagram users pose with a dead-eyed stare, with the ultimate goal achieving  ‘lobotomy chic’ by looking bored and detached. 

The trend could be part of a wider social media zeitgeist among Gen Z users, which involves embracing ‘dissociative feminism’ – meaning women become so nihilistic they stop adhering to societal expectations of femininity. 


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