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Pediatrician warns parents of deadly risk of making their own baby formula amidst supply crisis

A pediatrician has warned parents not to feed their babies with homemade formula as the US experiences a staggering shortage of the product following a national recall.

Writing to Fox News Digital on Friday, Sarah Adams, a pediatrician at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio, warned that the homemade formula recipes that many parents are reportedly turning to could be potentially fatal.

‘I do NOT recommend making your own formula,’ Adams wrote, ”The AAP [American Academy of Pediatrics] strongly advises against homemade formula.’

‘These [options] are not safe and not FDA approved — infant deaths have been reported.’

Despite her claims, there have been no recent reports of deaths related to homemade baby formula.  

The bare shelves of the Toddler Nutrition and Instant Formula aisle at a Target in Orlando, Florida. The shortage of baby formula has sent parents online seeking homemade options

The bare shelves of the Toddler Nutrition and Instant Formula…

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