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It’s been three weeks since his beloved Elizabeth died. Here, JONATHAN AITKEN describes sorrow

Bereavement, even when expected, hits hard. The passing of my beloved wife Elizabeth has brought an avalanche of turbulent emotions, tears, fears, hopes, challenges and blissfully happy memories.

‘How are you coping?’ everyone asks. The answer is too deep for words. But at surface level I can truthfully say: ‘Much better than expected, because my feelings are only 20 per cent sorrowful and 80 per cent grateful.’

At her funeral on Tuesday, I quoted a line of 17th-century literature. She was ‘wild, witty, lovesome, beautiful and young’.

These qualities, long before we met, gave her two movie-star husbands (Richard Harris and Rex Harrison) and a lifestyle which she described in her 1976 memoir as a saga of ‘tenderness, treachery, madness, adultery, drink, ambition and suicide’.

But the real…

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