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James Carville warns GOP has no fear of Dems who ‘sit around talking about veganism and pronouns’ 

A leading Democrat strategist says his party’s woke obsessions with ‘veganism and pronouns’ has emboldened the GOP to end federal abortion protections.

James Carville – a former advisor to the Clinton administration – said his party is now so in thrall to petty progressive obsessions that its left conservative Supreme Court justices with ‘no fear’ of ending Roe v Wade.  

Appearing on CNN‘s OutFront, he said: ‘Today they [Republicans] have no fear of Democrats, that’s why they do this. You gotta’ understand what a huge event this is in American politics … Roe v Wade is is over two-to-one in approval,’ Carville told host Erin Burnett Thursday.

‘And Alito and them said we don’t care. We’re not fair, and we don’t care and all the Democrats are going to do is sit around talking about…

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