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Why taking an aspirin at bedtime (not first thing in the morning) can halve your risk of a stroke 

Our body clock affects everything from when we feel hungry to our sexual compatibility. 

In the first part of our serialisation of his new book, in yesterday’s Daily Mail, one of Britain’s leading experts on our circadian rhythms explained how being aware of these patterns can revolutionise our health. Today, he tells of another of its life-changing powers…

Awareness that we have a body clock — or circadian rhythm – dates from 1729 when the French astronomer Jean-Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan noted how a mimosa plant placed in a room with no light still unfolded and folded its leaves. 

Now, more recent scientific developments on circadian rhythms are helping to improve our lives.

Over the past few decades, the study of human body clocks and how they govern our lives has come on…

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