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TIM CLARE: How I beat finally beat my anxiety after years of living with howling panic attacks

His anxiety was so crippling he could barely choose what to eat without becoming consumed by worry. 

After two decades like this, writer Tim Clare, a father of one, resolved to try every treatment he could to cure himself. Today, he is panic-attack free. Here he reveals what turned his worry around…

When my daughter, Suki, was about eight months old I had a severe panic attack. I was sprawled on the floor, screaming until my throat burned, delirious with terror.

I can’t remember the trigger but I still feel the gut-deep dread, the barrelling disorientation, the conviction my life was over. I was going to lose my family and please Mummy, Daddy, Jesus, won’t someone HELP.

My wife had closed the doors between us. I could hear her playing YouTube nursery rhymes to drown me out so our…

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