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The ‘Tinkerbell Tip Lift’ that could lead to blistered skin or even blindness

Young women are having gel-filler injected into the very tip of their nose until it points upwards – in a bid to appear more like the cartoon fairy from Disney’s Peter Pan.

The ‘Tinkerbell tip lift’, as clinics call it, costs between £300 and £500 and is widely advertised on social media by cosmetic companies claiming it is a pain-free procedure that can give a ‘refined and feminine look’ in just ten minutes.

On video-sharing platform TikTok, clips showing patients’ ‘tip lift’ transformations have amassed a combined 1.3 billion views. 

But experts say if the gel is injected wrongly, complications can include blindness, blistered skin and entire sections of the nose disintegrating.

‘The very tip of the nose is one of the areas of the face with the highest number of small blood…

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