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Legs up the wall pose: The yoga position taking over TikTok

A simple yoga pose has become a viral TikTok trend, with advocates claiming it can improve their sleep, immunity, and digestion.

The ‘legs up the wall’ position (with its own hashtag that’s garnered more than 15 million views) involves lying on the floor (perhaps using a block to prop up your hips) and stretching your legs up against a wall.

It is a restorative pose, meaning it’s a passive, meditative position, aimed at relaxing you physically and mentally. And according to fans of the move, which is officially called Viparita Karani, it provides a whole host of benefits. 

And one of the biggest, according to some fans, is that it makes them feel relaxed, which yoga instructor Ema Rice says could be due to the position of the body when in the pose.

She explained that the name Viparita…

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