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When WILL Britain wake up to the danger of giving puberty blockers to children?

Leo is in pain most of the time. His back hurts badly when he stands up or walks. It is a hard life for a teenager, and he has no idea if the agony will ever go away.

Nor does his mother Natalie, grief-stricken about the suffering of her child who was born a girl and, at the tender age of ten, said his dream was to be a boy.

‘Leo was little when she wanted to become a he,’ says Natalie. ‘I thought if this was his wish, I should agree with it. Everyone said Leo was brave to come out [as transgender] and I should be proud of him.’

Thinking she was doing the best for him, Natalie took Leo to one of the best hospitals in Europe where, at 11, doctors tried to make his wish come true. They put him on hormones to stop his body developing into womanhood, with breasts, widening hips and…

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