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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Craving sugar? It’s your gut bacteria that’s to blame

Despite everything I’ve done to improve my diet, like most people, I still get those occasional mad, crazy cravings for junk food, the stuff that we all know is bad for us but which, despite our best intentions, we just can’t resist.

In my case, it’s chocolate, biscuits or cake. That’s why we rarely have them in our house, otherwise I could easily eat a whole packet or most of a cake in a single sitting.

However, I’ve discovered that if I ‘surf the urge’, these cravings normally pass. Surfing the urge means that, rather than trying to fight it, I try to ride it out by drinking a large glass of water, practising deep breathing and trying to focus on other things. It normally takes about 30 minutes before I am back in control.

Despite everything I’ve done to…

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