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BEL MOONEY: Can I live with my selfish, possessive mother?

Dear Bel,

I’m 59, an only child and sadly lost my dear father in 2006. Since 2007 my mother has lived with my husband and me. We have one son — he’s expecting a baby with his girlfriend at the end of June.

My problem is my mother. We’ve always been close, but she’s possessive. When Dad was alive she allowed me a life, but my husband and I have only had one holiday alone in 32 years.

After 2006 Mum became more and more demanding. Now 88, she has carers four times a day (I work full-time in a demanding job) and recently social services arranged for us to have two weeks’ respite while she went into a care home.

The first few days were awful because she screamed and cried on the phone, but after a few days she settled and for the first time in years I felt free and we visited our…

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