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Forget leather! Your next handbag could be made from eco-friendly FUNGUS fed on stale bread

When it comes to handbags, leather may still be the material of choice for most fashionistas, but for the more eco-conscious among us there is now another option.

Researchers from the University of Borås in Sweden have found a way to make sustainable faux leather from fungus that has been fed on stale supermarket bread.

The researchers claim that their fungal leather takes less time to produce than existing substitutes already on the market, and, unlike some, is 100 per cent biobased. 

The fungus could also be used to make paper products and cotton substitutes, with properties comparable to the traditional materials.

Fungal fibers can be turned into a leather substitute with a density and stiffness comparable to the real thing

To create the new material, the researchers used…

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