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OWEN MATTHEWS sees the reality of Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine war as it starts to affect life in Moscow

Moscow is a proud city, but the harsh realities of Putin’s war are steadily coming home here.

On a multitude of fronts – from the economic to the political – the blowback from Russia’s military adventures hundreds of miles away in Ukraine are now being felt in this sprawling capital of almost 12million people. 

For one: a draconian new law imposed by the Kremlin now requires all young men aged between 18 and 27 to register for the draft.

‘I don’t want my kid to die for Putin’s crazy war,’ insisted Anna, 47, a lawyer for a Russian state company whose 19-year-old-son is freelancing as a film editor during his gap year before university.

‘If you are not in full-time education, you can get picked up off the street and sent right to the [Army] medical commission.’

Anna plans to get her son…

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