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‘Studio 666’ review: Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters bring devilish humor and horror to new movie

Movie review

Rock ’n’ roll and horror go together like demons and haunted houses. If you drunkenly smashed those four things into one movie, you’d get something resembling the Frankenstein’s monster that is “Studio 666.”

Lovable Seattle-born rock juggernaut Foo Fighters, who play themselves, hold the stitches together with their usual brand of hard-rocking whimsy. When they stumble into a haunted Encino mansion, director BJ McDonnell tortures them with darkly hilarious heavy-metal shenanigans and gallons of blood. “Studio 666” gives new meaning to the phrase “creative differences.”

Legend is filled with artists who sold their souls to the devil in search of musical immortality. Dave Grohl and…

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