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New York Times is criticised by Wordle fans who say their streak is stuck

Wordle lovers have slammed the New York Times again after claiming their winning streaks haven’t been updated in a week because of a technical blunder. 

In recent weeks, fans have been complaining that has become ‘too difficult’ since the US newspaper took over. Some of the criticisms facing the game this week was that answers like ‘caulk’ and ‘agora’ were too niche for most players.  

Today, scores of players took to Twitter to voice their annoyance over their scores not being updated correctly on the stats screen. Many said the number of days the game showed they had played was actually lower than the number of days they had successfully played in a row. 

Wordle, which only offers one puzzle per day to keep fans hooked, has amassed millions of players since it came online last…

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