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Eating less really could make you live longer, study claims

Eating less could add years to your life, if a new study is to be believed.

Yale University scientists say cutting back on calories can ‘rejuvenate’ a key part of your immune system.

Adults who reduced their calorie intake by approximately 14 per cent had a better-functioning thymus gland. 

This is the equivalent of around 300 calories for men who stick to dietary guidelines of 2,000 per day for women or 2,500 for men.

The thymus gland, an organ that sits above the heart and produces illness-fighting T cells, usually ages quicker than the rest of the body. 

Stopping its decline could ‘enhance healthy lifespan’, according to Professor Vishwa Deep Dixit, a dietitian who was part of the research team.

Researchers believe reducing calorie intake could also thwart inflammation — when the…

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