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Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago hit Earth during SPRING

It’s well known that the dinosaurs were obliterated 66 million years ago by a massive asteroid that slammed into Earth.

Now, researchers have confirmed in a new study that the cataclysmic event, called the Chicxulub impcat event, occurred in the northern hemisphere’s spring.

They examined the bones of six fish that died less than 60 minutes after the asteroid impacted, recovered from the Tanis fossil site in North Dakota. 

The new study corroborates findings published last year by a University of Manchester team, who also found the event happened on a spring day.  

As of yet, no study has put the event at any other time of year than northern hemisphere’s spring (and the southern hemisphere’s autumn). 

A paddlefish from Tanis, prior to scanning at the ESRF. On the right, the…

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