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Why the ideal age to give birth is 25

Women who have children in their mid-twenties live the longest, a study suggests.

Prior research linked becoming a mother in their thirties with longevity, with experts theorising that childbirth might speed up the ageing process.

But now researchers from the University of Seoul in South Korea have claimed the sweet spot may be between 24 or 25 after studying 4,000 women.

They found those who had a baby before or after then had an up to 5 per cent higher risk of dying from any cause within 18 years.

The trend was ‘U’ shaped, meaning the risk was greater the further away from the age of 24 or 25 they were when they gave birth.

Very young mothers tend to be from deprived areas which puts them at higher risk of a host of mental and physical illnesses, the researchers said.

They speculated that…

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