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‘Gentle’ 500lb black bear dubbed ‘Hank the Tank’ is seen searching for next meal in Lake Tahoe

A gigantic bear nicknamed Hank the Tank has shot to fame in Lake Tahoe after he was caught on camera rifling for scraps – but one conservationist says she fears officials will kill the huge animal instead of rehoming him.  

Hank, who weighs 500 pounds, was caught on security footage wandering around Lake Tahoe homes in search of a meal bigger than his appetite. The bear has been spotting in the neighborhood more than 100 times since July and nothing – not even loud noises, paintballs, or Tasers – can scare him off. 

Local residents have described the animal as ‘gentle’ and said he just eats and leaves without causing any trouble. But wildlife officials say locals have made Hank too bold by leaving out unsecured food scraps for him to eat.

And they now fear the bear – who is up to five…

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