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Biden picks a BLM board member and CRT promoter to help with his SCOTUS pick

REVEALED: Biden’s choice to help him with his SCOTUS pick is a BLM board member, CRT promoter and defund the police supporter – but he failed to mention her controversial connections when he announced her

  •  Minyon Moore, 63, was tapped by Biden to help him pick the first black woman justice on the Supreme Court
  •  She sits on the board of Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, which touts defunding the police
  •  Biden has tried to distance himself of that movement
  • Moore is a close friend and promoter of Kimberle Crenshaw one of the founding architects of critical race theory
  •  She has been a political consultant for Jesse Jackson, Kamala Harris, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden
  •  She will suspend her political consulting and work with BLM whiles she advises on the top court…

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