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Aussie woman living with cystic fibrosis forced to fork out $21,375 a MONTH just to survive

A brave woman who has a rare genetic condition is being forced to fork out $21,375-a-month for life-saving medication because it’s not approved by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, with her parents re-mortgaging their house to fund her treatment. 

Jess Ragusa, 27, from NSW’s Central Coast, was born with cystic fibrosis, a life-shortening disease that causes cells to produce a thick mucus which damages the lungs and digestive system. 

She defied doctors predictions that she would not survive childhood, only to be told at 18 she only had six months to live.  

‘I was so unbelievably sick, I was surprised they even gave me six months. I was terrified, sad, shocked and heartbroken. Every upsetting emotion you can feel,’ she told 7News.   

Jess Ragusa, 27, from NSW’s Central…

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