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Arrested Freedom Convoy trucker says police acted ‘like the Keystone Kops’ from silent movies

A trucker arrested as police cracked down on Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa has told of the farcical way the Canadian capital’s ‘Keystone Kops’ tried to bring the weeks’ long demonstration to an end.

Even the officers themselves were complaining about how disorganized the whole operation was, Guy Meister told in an exclusive interview.

‘You could tell they were overwhelmed. They were as dumb as a bag of hammers,’ Meister, 53, said.

‘They wanted to take my booking photograph, but I had to wait for several minutes because they were having issues with the “mug shot board.” They first took my picture before they realized that it didn’t have any numbers on the board I was holding.

‘What should have taken a few minutes turned into 20 minutes, all in the…

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