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Woman lost $300,000 after falling for scammer on Hinge who tricked her into investing in crypto scam

A woman in Tennessee lost $300,000 in inheritance money after she fell for a crypto romance scam on a dating app last year that tricked her into believing that she was investing in cryptocurrency.

Niki Hutchinson, a 24-year-old social media producer from Tennessee, was visiting a friend in California last year when she matched on Hinge – a dating app – with a man whose name was Hao. He had told her that he was living nearby and that he worked in the clothing business. 

The two kept on exchanging messages on WhatsApp for more than a month after Hutchinson had returned home. She told Hao that she was from China but that she was adopted. He told her that he was Chinese, too, and that he came from the same province as her birth parents. Both were even teasing about the idea that they were…

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