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Woman leaves dinner with boyfriend as he brought a BELL to restaurant

A woman left a romantic dinner with her boyfriend after he brought his own bell to the restaurant and continually rang it to the waiting staff to get their attention.  

Reddit user Blain-Ad-5996, who is a 30-year-old woman from the UK, took to the ‘Am I The A******?’ thread to see if she was right to feel angry with her boyfriend.

She has been dating the man in question, Rhett, 31, who is American, for four months but when he whipped out a bell he’d brought along to their latest date, she was horrified. 

He explained that it’s acceptable in American because ‘people don’t give a s***’, and she promptly walked out. 

The woman asked the Reddit community for their stance on the situation, explaining that in the aftermath, Rhett has been annoyed with her for ‘overreacting’.


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