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Woman, 49, discovers ‘beauty mark’ above her lip was a melanoma

A woman who thought the spot above her lip was a ‘beauty mark’ discovered she actually had a dangerous form of skin cancer. 

Andrea Moser, 49, from Montana, believed the flat brown spot above her lip was a beauty mark but in January 2020, noticed it appeared to be growing in size, getting darker and changing shape. 

She had a routine check-up with her doctor, who said it looked like a ‘normal mole’ and not to worry, but she decided to err on the side of caution and visit a dermatologist.

Realtor Andrea underwent a procedure to remove the spot, which doctors initially believed to be non-cancerous, but later found to be melanoma – a serious form of skin cancer.

The dermatologist also removed a mark on her back which a biopsy revealed was squamous cell skin cancer. 


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