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Onset of modern sea level rise began in 1863, study finds

Rising sea levels may be seen as a very modern phenomenon, but according to a new study, it really became a significant issue more than 150 years ago. 

Researchers have studied a global database of sea-level records spanning the last 2,000 years, based on archeological and biological evidence at global sites.

These sites include Pelham Bay in New York, Cheesequake in New Jersey, Vioarholmi in Iceland, Aasiaat in Greenland and Loch Laxford in Scotland. 

Modern rates of sea level rise began emerging in 1863 following the Industrial Revolution, coinciding with evidence for early ocean warming and glaciers melting, the experts found. 

However, the time period of 1940 to 2000 registered the biggest rates of sea level rises – up to 0.05 of an inch per year. 

Researchers didn’t look at…

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