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NASA’s James Webb captures 18 dots of starlight in a hexagonal formation

NASA’s James Webb space telescope has snapped an incredible photo of a single star from all 18 of its mirrors – confirming the spacecraft can now see starlight.

The new photo shows the 18 unfocused copies of a single sun-like star – called HD 84406 in the constellation Ursa Major – in a hexagonal formation, similar to the honeycomb shape of James Webb’s primary mirror. 

This stunning shot marks the first stage of aligning James Webb’s 21-foot primary mirror, which consists of 18 hexagonal segments of gold-plated beryllium metal. 

Next, the telescope will bring the 18 images into focus before aligning them into one, perfectly clear image of the star. 

James Webb Space Telescope blasted off from Guiana Space Centre on Christmas Day and settled into its orbit one million miles…

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