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Mother-of-two who is weaning herself off steroid cream says rude strangers take pictures of her

A mother with eczema has revealed that steroid creams have damaged her skin so much that strangers take pictures of her when they think she’s not looking.

Shop assistant Jade Scullion, 37, from Dunfermline, Scotland, decided to wean herself off the steroid cream she used to treat her extreme eczema in January 2021, after realising the treatment made her skin condition worse.  

Whilst the mother-of-two is convinced that doing so will ultimately help to improve her condition, the withdrawal process from her medication has led to her suffering from some brutal side effects.

On top of feeling like her skin is sunburnt and covered in ‘stinging nettles,’ she has had to deal with the unwanted whispers and stares of strangers, some of them going as far as taking her picture. 

She has also…

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