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Fran Lebowitz brings her acerbic wit to Seattle

Talking to Fran Lebowitz on the phone — no, let me correct that, listening to Fran Lebowitz on the phone — is a unique experience; she’s made conversation into an art form. Though she made a big splash in the publishing world several decades ago, “raconteur” is basically Lebowitz’s profession these days. Since publication of the archly humorous essay collections “Metropolitan Life” and “Social Studies” (sample: “Generally speaking, it is inhumane to detain a fleeting insight”) in 1978 and 1981, she hasn’t written another book, diagnosing herself with writer’s block so severe she calls it “writer’s blockade.”

A longtime New Yorker, Lebowitz’s acerbic presence — and her trademark natty blazers — is familiar to those who’ve seen her holding…

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