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Chinese security guard is held captive as a BLOOD SLAVE: Man was kidnapped in Cambodia

A Chinese security guard was kidnapped and used as a ‘blood slave’ by a gang in Cambodia after he was lured to the country by a fake job ad. 

The 31-year-old man, who has been identified only by his surname Li, was held captive and had 27 ounces of blood drained from him every month for six months.

It is believed that the gang who kidnapped Li sold his blood to private buyers online.

A normal blood donation usually takes around 16 ounces – 11 ounces less than the amount drained from Li – which is around 8 per cent of the average blood volume of an adult.  

As a result of the excessive blood extraction, Li, who managed to escape the gang earlier this month, had multiple organ failures and his arms were covered with bruises from the needles. 

The victim told Beijing Youth Daily he had…

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