N.Y.C. Mayor Candidates Grade de Blasio: A, F, ‘Incomplete’

In evaluating the tenure of Mayor Bill de Blasio using a school grading system, some candidates doled out searing criticism of his eight years in office, while others offered praise for some of the mayor’s efforts.

The wide-ranging answers reflected the different connections and relationships the candidates have with Mr. de Blasio, with several distancing themselves from the mayor, even as they praised his implementation of universal pre-K.

Mr. de Blasio, who ran as a progressive candidate, earned an “A” for the “vision” of his mayoralty from Dianne Morales, considered one of the most progressive candidates in the field election. But Ms. Morales gave him a ‘C’ for execution.

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president who prides himself on his city management experience, gave Mr. de Blasio a “B” on the mayor’s pre-K program, his signature issue, and his role in moving away from the stop-and-frisk policing technique.

Kathryn Garcia, who served under Mr. de Blasio as sanitation commissioner, praised his pre-K initiative, but said his leadership during the pandemic was a “failure.”

Shaun Donovan gave Mr. de Blasio a “D” because of the city’s enduring homelessness, while Mr. Stringer, the city comptroller, said Mr. de Blasio’s tenure was an “F mayoralty,” after mentioning he had investigated the administration.

Maya Wiley, who served as counsel to Mr. de Blasio, said she would not give the mayor a single-letter grade, but said his helming of the Police Department during protests last summer earned him an “F.”

Ray McGuire gave him a “B-” on pre-K, but an “un-passing” on leadership of the city and management of the budget.

Andrew Yang said he would give the mayor an “incomplete,” because there was still time to “not squander” federal aid.

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