Deadliest Roads | Panama | Free Documentary

Deadliest Roads | Panama | Free Documentary

World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys Panama (2010)

Deadliest Roads – Nigeria:

North America is linked to the South by the Pan-American highway, but in the middle of the route, there is a gap stretching 100 kms between Panama and Columbia : the Darien. This area of land is an impenetrable jungle, road building would be hugely expensive and difficult, and so far no political consensus regarding this missing link in the route across the Americas has been achieved.
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  1. "Nothing is impossible and at least I will leave something for my children. When I die I'll die happy." 
    North America is linked to the south by the Pan-American highway, but in the middle of the route, there is a gap stretching 100 km or 60 miles between Panama and Columbia – the Darien. It is a region without roads. Everyone living in the area depends on the river for their livelihood. We follow these everyday heroes for whom every trip, every movement, is a struggle against or with nature. Wild, savage, danger lurks. Adventure and fantasy. Jaguars lairs. Gateway to the United States. The green hell. The Region of the Impossible. 
    This area of land is an impenetrable jungle, road building would be hugely expensive and difficult – so far, no political consensus regarding that missing link in the route across the Americas has been reached. Or course. It's always about politics. Officially and of the unofficial kind. Smugglers and human traffickers are familiar with the region. "The water is safe to drink. It's like fruit juice," they tell the hopefuls underway to a better life – having paid a steep price to these criminals leading them through the jungle. Um, yeah no. The water is not safe to drink.  
    From smugglers to superheroes: A regular route for Gina, aka Wonder Woman: bringing supplies to Boca de Cupe from Panama City. It takes about 12 hours to cover 30 km. The villagers are happy and jump for joy when they see Gina coming up the river toward them.  A little paradise in the middle of nowhere. No telephones, no running water. They live primarily from agriculture – bananas. 
    This is Gina's life work. She works for Darien and the people of Darien. Success and survival in that area of the world come at a cost. Her husband minds the grocery store. Gina is the nomad – she lives on the road. She transports all supplies between Panama City and Boca de Cupe. You must never tell Gina she is a great woman. Her answer will be: "For the people of Darien, nothing is impossible." She is a great woman 
     Available worldwide 

  2. I really love the video. But as a farmer i really had hard feeling for the cows, I know the bad bits and I am not vegan, But our cows are treated well better that pulled by the tail to a boat.

  3. Guys I have watched all your episodes and you do an amazing job. I am really sorry to say this but this is a repeated episode and last weeks episode as well.

  4. These Africans have more money in their pockets than I have in my account and they throw it away for the gamble of getting to the US which is not even a 1st world nation.

  5. ( A salvação somente por meio de Cristo Jesus )

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  6. This is a one of a kind documentary. They cover the beautiful mountain, the river, the Queen, the small miner and the immigrant. What can you ask for? Thanks Free Documentary 👍

  7. Melhor canal de documentário que eu já assisti! É nota 1000. 👍👍👍👍(Brasil 🇧🇷 também assiste o canal Free Documentary )

  8. Irrelevant whether new or repeat all these documentaries are awe inspiring, beyond wonder…humanities endurance and utter gratitude to the film makers.

    May Lord bless all humans to be kind and compassionate towards others. 🌻

  9. I love these documentaries. Makes you appreciate everything you have when you see how people live in different parts of the world. 🇰🇪
    Greetings from the US!

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