Mother of ex-stripper and killer known as the ‘Black Widow’ DEFENDS her daughter: ‘a beautiful soul’

Mum of stripper turned ruthless killer who convinced two lovers to murder her ex-boyfriends reveals WHY her daughter did it – and insists she’s a ‘beautiful soul’ who was forced to commit her crimes

  • Robyn Lindholm was found guilty of murdering Wayne Amey and George Teazis
  • Both were her ex-lovers, as was late Melbourne gangster Alphonse Gangitano
  • Lindholm, now 48, will not be eligible for parole until 2044
  • Her mother Dorothy spoke in defence of her daughter this week

Double murderer Robyn Lindholm, who twice convinced her lovers to kill her ex-partners and bragged about it, is still a ‘beautiful soul’.

That’s according to Robyn Lindholm’s 82-year-old mother Dorothy who vigorously defended her ex-stripper daughter – who was later nicknamed the ‘Black Widow’.

In 2013 she was found guilty of murdering Melbourne gym owner Wayne Amey, whose body was found on Mount Korong in central Victoria stabbed, choked and bashed.

Double murderer Robyn Lindholm (pictured), who twice convinced her lovers to kill her ex-partners and bragged about it, is still a ‘beautiful soul’

Robyn Lindholm arrives at the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne before her 2019 trial over the disappearance of George Teazis. She will be 71 before she is eligible for parole

Robyn Lindholm was known as Colette when she worked as a stripper in Melbourne.

Torsten Trabert, Lindholm’s lover in 2013, and John Ryan attacked and stabbed Amey and were also found guilty and sentenced to 28 and 31 years in jail. 

Then in 2019, Lindholm was found guilty by a jury of nine men and three women of murdering her previous boyfriend, George Teazis (aka George Templeton).

Wayne Amey was in a property dispute with Robyn Lindholm over a farm they had owned when she decided he had to die

He went missing in 2005.

The court heard Lindholm convinced Amey to kill Teazis, whose body was never found.

Little did Amey know the same fate awaited him eight years later. 

Now Lindholm’s mother Dorothy claims her daughter was justified in killing Mr Amey.

‘You don’t know how my daughter was hung over the balcony 12 storeys up,’ Dorothy told The Herald-Sun.

‘Wayne Amey was going to kill her,’ Dorothy added – before saying her daughter ‘knows nothing’ about Mr Teazis’s death.

Lindholm was a colleague of fellow stripper, Shari Davison, who disappeared in 1995 after a night at Crown Casino.

It is understood Mr Teazis was a suspect in her disappearance.

A $1 million reward remains for information leading to a conviction in Ms Davison’s case.  

Ms Davison and Lindholm worked together at the Simply Irrestible stripper agency around the time that Lindholm dated the notorious Melbourne criminal Alphonse Gangitano.

Known as the ‘Black Prince of Lygon Street, Gangitano was shot dead at home in Templestowe in 1998.

During the 2019 trial over Teazis’s death, the court heard claims that Lindholm confessed to his murder to several inmates while in jail, The Age reported. 

Police put out a photo of George Templeton in 2005 when he went ‘missing’. His partner Robyn Lindholm put on a display when questioned that was reportedly worthy of a Logie

Robyn Lindholm and Wayne Amey in happier times. She would have him killed years after he did her dirty work on George Teazis

One said Lindholm sometimes sang about Mr Teazis swimming with the fish and that he had been violent in their relationship and raped her.

Another prisoner claimed Lindholm said she stabbed Mr Teazis during sex, saying: ‘I slit his f**king throat as he came, it was the best orgasm I ever had.’

Although his body was never found, blood spatters were found in Teazis’s home on the sofa and in the lounge.

Lindholm is serving her sentences at Dame Phyllis Frost Centre maximum security prison at Deer Park. 

Robyn Jane Lindholm pleaded guilty to murdering Wayne Amey in 2015. She was later brought to trial over the murder of another former lover

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