Deadliest Roads | Tajikistan | Free Documentary

Deadliest Roads | Tajikistan | Free Documentary

World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys Tajikistan (2012)

Deadliest Roads – Siberia’s Lake Baika:

The land locked nation of Tajikistan is the poorest country in central Asia. The mountainous landscape is unforgiving and temperatures extreme. Here desperate truck drivers can wait for days to get assigned a load to transport across the treacherous terrain. Working in old and battered trucks on bone-shaking routes, dodging falling rocks and landslides, and being forced to wake up every two hours during the night to start their engines so they don’t freeze up and leave them stranded; these men are severely tested. They do it all for the love of their families who wait for weeks at a time, hoping that their husbands and fathers will return safe. A look at both sides of the lives of Tajik long distance drivers.
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  1. The landlocked nation of Tajikistan is the poorest country in Central Asia. The mountainous landscape is unforgiving, the temperatures extreme. Desperate truck drivers often wait for days for a job to transport cargo across the dangerous land.

    Needless to say, the equipment is old, shoddy: trucks are old and hands on craftsmanship is essential. Macgyvering is a must. Forget about suspension, these trucks shake the drivers to the bone, while dodging falling rocks, watching out for potential landslides, and sleeping two hours at a time to make sure the engines don’t freeze.

    What makes these silent superheroes do it? Families, loved ones who they want to provide for. All contribute: the families waiting weeks on end for their loved ones to return home safely to the kickass drivers braving unimaginable hardships to get the job done.

    We’ve got the epitome of deadliest roads in Tajikistan, and kickass personified in these Tajik long distance drivers.

    Enjoy. And be happy with what you’ve got.
    Available Worldwide

  2. The only word I understood from the main driver is "Khatarnak'" means Dangerous! I love these documentries anyway..I'm basically glued to this channel in all honesty.

  3. This is awesome, it helps me learn English, understanding how hard to make a living outside, more than that how wonderful the cameraman did his jobs.

  4. I think I want to see an interview with these camera men, they are truly remarkable, I've watched so many videos and wonder just how they manage to get some of these shots. Really love this channel. Keep fuel my addiction. Love from 🇯🇲

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