Large semi truck stuck on railroad tracks is split into two by oncoming train in Georgia

Moment oncoming train splits a large semi truck stuck on railroad tracks into two in Georgia

  • Collision took place in Bremen, Georgia some 45 miles west of Atlanta on Friday
  • Large white semi truck appeared to be stuck on tracks as train was oncoming
  • The train rammed into the truck and sliced it into two pieces

A massive freight train plowed into a large semi truck that was stuck on the tracks, splitting the vehicle into two pieces.

The incident took place on Friday in Bremen, Georgia, which is located about 45 miles west of Atlanta.

In footage posted by, the semi truck is seen standing still as one half of the vehicle managed to make it over the tracks while the rear of the trailer remained on the other side.

The image above shows a white semi truck stuck on train tracks in Bremen, Georgia on Friday. It is unclear if the man next to the truck is the driver

Video released by shows an oncoming train collide into the truck

The moment of impact is captured in the image above. It does not appear that anyone was hurt

The vehicle was cut into two pieces by the train, which did not appear to have sustained any damage

In the video shot from a cell phone by a motorist who was passing by, the train, which has yet to enter the frame, can be heard sounding the horn as it approaches.

Seconds later, it rams into the idle truck, cutting it into two pieces. has reached out to the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office for more information on the incident. 

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