Italian police insulted a Moroccan citizen and the Prophet Muhammad


In August 2020 I went to the police station of the Italian city of Rimini to file a complaint against one of my Italian neighbors, which causes me constant inconvenience as I couldn’t sleep because of the excessive noise of machines and the smoke emitted from them, knowing that he does all these works in a residential area that is not licensed for this type Of business. When I went to the police station to file a complaint against him, I was surprised that the officers treated him very well and welcomed him warmly, while forcing me to wait and standing outside the center in the sunlight. Although I was injured in my ears as a result of being beaten by this person, in addition to that I didn’t sleep for 48 hours because I work at night. When I insisted on sitting in the waiting hall, three police officers came and started to insult me and my religious beliefs with the worst words, yelling at me, and even using force to get me out of the waiting hall. In addition to all this racist treatment, I was surprised that they had filed a lawsuit against me for a false accusation. And When I went to many lawyers to defend me in this case, the response was always that the police have the privilege in the Italian law, especially that I am a foreigner. That is why I am seeking financial support to be able to bear the expenses of a lawyer in the courts of the European Union, given that my financial status doesn’t allow me to bear these expenses, otherwise I will go to prison unjustly. Thanks in advance for everyone.…




Bourbiza Mohamed. Writer and Political Discourse Analysis.

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