Disgraced MP Daryl Maguire makes bid for NSW Premier’s Gladys Berejiklian’s heart

Daryl Maguire and Gladys Berejiklian were dating for five years (pictured)

Glady’s Berejiklian’s disgraced former MP ex-boyfriend has told friends he is still in love with the New South Wales premier.

Daryl Maguire, 61, has been laying low after allegations of corruption surfaced and his relationship with the NSW premier, 50, was exposed.

The pair had been secretly in a ‘close relationship’ for five years but the premier ceased all contact with Mr Maguire as the Independent Commission Against Corruption began its investigation.  

The premier was forced to unceremoniously sack the disgraced Wagga Wagga MP in 2018 after learning he was making dodgy deals.

A few months on since their relationship was exposed, close friends of Mr Maguire have revealed that he was hoping to meet up with Ms Berejiklian on his property in Ivanhoe, NSW, in December, the Daily Telegraph reported.

There was no meeting between the pair and a spokeswoman for Ms Berejiklian said there has been ‘absolutely no contact with Mr Maguire since before the public hearings’. 

When asked if he still loved the premier, the source replied ‘s**t yeah’ while another friend said he had been in a ‘downward spiral’ since the split.

It has since been alleged that Ms Berejiklian was informed of an investigation into Mr Maguire’s alleged misconduct two years before coming clean about their relationship. 

In October, he admitted to a string of dodgy deals during the ICAC inquiry, conceding that he used his position to make money for himself and his friends.  

Ms Berejiklian (middle) ceased all contact with Mr Maguire (right) following allegations of corrupt misconduct 

The New South Wales Premier was forced to sack disgraced Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire in 2018 after learning he was making dodgy deals

During the hearing in October, Ms Berejiklian admitted to a string of intimate details about their relationship and revealed that she loved Mr Maguire

One focus has been a cash-for-visas scheme dating back to 2013, and revelations he once received thousands of dollars in cash at his taxpayer-funded office.

He admitted receiving as many as 20 deliveries of thousands of dollars of cash at his parliamentary office for a scheme that helped Chinese nationals get Australian visas.

The MP also admitted keeping the money ‘off the books’ so he wouldn’t have to disclose it to Parliament.

The ICAC inquiry previously heard that Mr Maguire introduced two Australian businessmen to the scheme that saw them get paid to employ Chinese nationals on a rural regional business visa without them having to turn up for work.

Mr Maguire said he suspected the scheme was not legitimate but continued because he was making money from it

According to briefings to the NSW Premier’s office, officials had gone to the ICAC to provide them with information that might have helped with investigating Mr Maguire. 

‘(The Department of Premier and Cabinet) has been contacted by a staff member currently ­employed in the office of the Minister for Education about information held by the staff member that may be relevant to Operation Dasha,’ one of the two briefings, dated July 23, 2018, reads, The Australian reported.

‘The information relates to the staff member’s former role in 2016 as an adviser to the then Minister for Planning … DPC has also been informed that there may be former staff members who may also hold relevant information.’

Mr Maguire eventually resigned on July 21 following an investigation by Operation Dasha, which heard recordings of him allegedly discussing potential ‘dividends’ with property developers.  

During the hearing in October, Ms Berejiklian admitted to a string of intimate details about their relationship and revealed that she loved Mr Maguire  

Ms Berejiklian vowed to never speak to Mr Maguire (left) again following allegations of corruption

During the hearing in October, Ms Berejiklian admitted to a string of intimate details about their relationship and revealed that she loved Mr Maguire.

Having resisted calls to resign over her links to the disgraced MP, Ms Berejiklian now believes the scandal has made her stronger.

‘I’m a far more confident leader because I gave away caring too much about what the commentary was,’ Ms Berejiklian said at the time.

‘I kind of gave away what all of us have, all of us worry about sometimes too much, about what criticism might be weighed against you … that’s both liberating and gives you courage as a leader.’

She learned during the corruption hearing just how much Mr Maguire had relied on her name during discussions with business associates and her government’s resources in his dodgy side deals.

Ms Berejiklian has undergone possibly the most stressful year of her career thanks to killer bushfires, a raging pandemic and shattering revelations about her personal life

‘I’m never going to speak to him again. My life’s changed forever,’ she said, saying she felt ‘betrayed’. 

Ms Berejiklian is a notoriously private woman who had never spoken publicly about her personal affairs or relationship status.

Not even her own family knew about her five-year relationship with Mr Maguire.

The premier informed her two sisters that she was about to be publicly humiliated during the hearing, but couldn’t go into detail with them for legal reasons.

But she asked them to watch over their parents in case things got ‘messy’.

Ms Berejiklian still has not defined what exactly her relationship was with Mr Maguire, admitting that it was difficult to label.

‘It wasn’t a traditional type of relationship,’ she said.

The duo had been friends for more than 20 years before becoming intimate around 2015.

While she never introduced him to her family, she admitted that she did love him and considered marrying him after decades of being ‘married to the job’. 

Maguire’s ex-wife Maureen Maguire split up with the disgraced former MP in 2013 and said she had hoped never to hear from him or see him again until revelations of his relationship with the NSW Premier brought up bad memories.

‘Daryl and I split up seven years ago, it hurts and is upsetting to have to know about it all,’ she told The Daily Telegraph. 

‘I don’t see him, I don’t speak to him or want to have to see that man.’

Maureen Maguire (pictured) said she doesn’t want to see her estranged ex-husband again

The 59-year-old relocated to Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast from her family home in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, shortly after their marriage broke down.   

‘I moved away to get away from it all and it keeps coming back. I haven’t heard from Daryl or Gladys,’ she said.

Mrs Maguire made the move north to be with her daughter Kara and lives a humble life dedicated to her beloved animals and helping sick children and the elderly.

‘We had breakfast one early morning more than five years ago when she told me she was moving to Noosaville to begin a new life after she and Daryl split,’ Wagga Wagga councillor Yvonne Braid told Newscorp. 

Mrs Maguire (pictured) split with the former MP in 2013 and relocated to Noosa, QLD 

Ms Braid said Mrs Maguire had earned the nickname ‘The Angel’ around Wagga Wagga because of her generous and kind nature.  

‘She adores her son and daughter but, you know, the last 10 years she and Daryl were not together, she never spoke about him, they lived largely separate lives, you never ever saw them together around Wagga.’  

Other friends describe Mrs Maguire as shy and say she had not been on good terms with her former husband for about 10 years before they split. 

‘When she left for Noosaville she became a totally different person. She was free, she rode Harley-Davidsons, she travelled Europe, she was herself,’ one friend said. 

Mrs Maguire moved to a two-bedroom unit in Noosaville in 2012, with Mr Maguire buying her out of their $2.6million four-bedroom Wagga Wagga house five years later.

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