Gary Ablett’s wife Jordan reveals heartbreaking post about her little boy’s rare disorder

Gary Ablett’s wife Jordan issues heartbreaking post about her little boy’s rare disorder – as she opens up about her fears of social media

  • AFL star Gary Ablett Jr’s wife Jordan opened up about her little boy on Monday
  • Levi, two, was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease in July last year 
  • In an Instagram post, she revealed the couple had a fear of being open online 
  • They decided to overcome their fear to share their son’s journey with others

AFL star Gary Ablett Jr’s wife Jordan has revealed how the couple overcame their fear of being open on social media so their little boy could be a shining light for others. 

The parents have been sharing their son Levi’s journey since he was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease last year.  

But before he was born, Mrs Ablett was adamant she would never put photos of her children online.  

In an Instagram post on Monday, the mother revealed she and Ablett changed their mind after realising their son had the ability to make other people’s lives brighter. 

Despite fearing social media, the proud mother explained she never wanted to ‘hide Levi’s light from the world’. 

‘When we revealed Levi’s diagnosis back in July, we were (and still are) overwhelmingly inundated with an incredible amount of people sharing their own stories and very personal challenges with us,’ she wrote. 

Gary Ablett Jnr’s wife Jordan (pictured with their son Levi) has revealed she had a fear of sharing photos of her children on social media prior to giving birth

‘Even those who don’t have children with special needs reach out and tell us how they await to see a photo of Levi and his big smile as it truly brightens their day.’

‘We know Levi is a light in this world which is why we chose to put aside our fears of being active on social media and instead focus on the kind of impact that we know Levi’s life can have on others.

‘We don’t ever want to hide his light from the world but instead, we want to let him shine brightly in the hope that someone else’s life will (through him) become much brighter. Our little superstar!’ 

The retired Geelong Cats champion and his wife documented their journey throughout 2020, which included a series of challenges and milestones. 

Jordan lost her mother Trudy Papalia to lung cancer in August, just a few months after Levi was diagnosed, and the young family were temporarily bundled into the Queensland AFL hub in September.

The following month saw the sports star close the door on his 357-game AFL career after a crushing loss to Richmond in the grand final match.  

In an Instagram post, Mrs Ablett said the couple made the decision to share their son’s journey online after realising he was a shining light for others

Mrs Ablett also became an ambassador for the My Room Children’s Cancer Charity, after mothering baby Levi inspired her to help others going through similar circumstances.  

In January, Ablett shared a touching tribute to his son last month on his second birthday, saying that being a dad had taught him many life lessons.

‘How great it is to be your Dad,’ he wrote on Instagram.

‘You’ve only been in this world for 2 young years and yet you’ve already taught us many lessons that often take a lifetime to learn. From showing us how joy can be found in the little things to how when challenges arise we can overcome them with bravery and a big smile.’ 

The sporting great shared a series of adorable photos of his son throughout the past two years, adding a list of his favourite moments. 

The retired Geelong Cats champion and his wife (pictured) have been documenting their journey online 

‘Whether it’s holding your hand at the hospital for another test or when you have to have your daily injection.

‘I love it when we fly up and down the hallway together in your chair and how I know your [sic] smiling even though I’m behind you because I can see your cheeks getting bigger and bigger.

‘I love giving you your bottle each day while we look into each other’s eyes for a good 10 minutes.

‘I love seeing you stand in your standing frame and watching you look to Mum and I for encouragement and then seeing that smile when you get it.

‘I love everything about you Levi, you bring me great joy and I’m so proud of you.’ 

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