Deadliest Streets | Brazil | Free of charge Documentary

Deadliest Roads | Brazil | Free Documentary

World’s Most Risky Roads: Deadliest Journeys in Brazil in 2008
Meet 14 12 months outdated Jesse. Like the other riberinhos, or river dwellers, he could swim and paddle ahead of he could stroll. Aided by youngsters as young as 5, he rows for hours a day, risking dying making an attempt to fasten his tiny canoes onto the quickly going vacationer boats. The young children hope to make a few pennies for their family, plying jungle delicacies to the passengers and crew. But one working day, during the building of this movie, Jesse pushed his luck far too far.

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  2. These comments CLEARLY show who has everything handed to them and who has never had to struggle. Nobody understand the life they live and y they do what they do. So instead of saying he’s a robber he deserved to die put yourself in his shoes would you do what he did or starve? Everyone wants to judge from the outside looking in but in reality if anybody has this type of struggle they’d do what they can to survive.

  3. ill pray for all the kids whos lived on that river and their dreams come true in Jesus name.

  4. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. a lesson for all to see. No sympathy here for little Jesse, he's ruined it for everyone else now aswell.

  5. every time I watch these documentaries I realize how privileged some of us are. May God protect and help these Kids.

  6. Thank you for this video, we are able to know the situations in other countries ❤

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  8. There ought to be a law against these women having children…………. 12 children………..ludicrous! It is nothing short of child abuse bringing kids into this world to do what they do. It's the religious screwballs in South America that encourage this outrageous population growth.

  9. 'We got families, kids, wives' – that phrase justifies any kind of environmental destruction you can think of, we got families, kids, wives – so leave us alone we have a right to destroy the environment, yep, that is legacy how earth was destroyed.

  10. Jessie was one of a kind….His life was cut short. What a sad ending. The father who blamed his son deserves punch in the mouth

  11. That little boys eyes in the beginning looked so terrified, he is so little. May Allah bless them all Ameen!

  12. God willing Jesse goes to jennah I heard him talk about God, he was one of the only kids I heard in any of these videos talk about God. Ya Allah give him jennah Ameen

  13. RIP Jessie . I pray for your soul to be forever in Heaven.
    Anyone who complains about their life in the industrial world needs to watch this.

  14. Right from the beginning, I had become attached to Jesse, he was impressionable, likeable and hardworking.

    The ending was very hard to watch, perhaps the entire documentary is/was a tribute to Jesse.

  15. RIP Jesse, it is so sad that you had to go out like that, your warrior spirit lives on.

  16. Damn and i see kids taking granted for what they have and these kids dying to earn a living how can i donate to them? Any information please i really want to help them out

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  18. All of them r poor. May god protect them. It is really a heartbreaking to find the kids in this situation 😭

  19. 13:15 dear you don't have to be shame that you could not read or write
    You'r a stronge man ..and I say it man not child

  20. maybe they can use a net basket that they can put their merchandise so that they can't loose it in the river

  21. ive been watching these documentaries, different countries, esp. in Africa. but this one I can't even finish, I am totally sad, looking in those kids gambling thier life in the river. I was like WTF WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?! so sickening, A senior citizen who have small children and make them work for the food in their table🤦‍♀ Omg. Poor Jesse. I blame his brothers and Parents!

  22. Its at times even hard to watch this documentary…unbelieveble

  23. It’s their parents fault they keep having kids they can’t even feed them!!!

  24. My God !! Scariest Adventure !! This kids are the hardest I have ever seen

  25. The death of Jesse really pained felt like of someone i had known for a long time

  26. I see these documentaries from Europe and I understand why Bolsonaru said that Covid is nothing for Brazil…🇧🇷

  27. Min 1:40 so dificult to see !!!
    Forget me God for complaining in life 😭

  28. one of the toughest deadliest roads episodes so far.
    People can be blessed growing up in the western world where the only problem for a kid nowadays is that their smartphone is not older that their classmates ones

  29. I hope free documentary help this kids… give them lots of food and clothes.. after the filming

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