Prison Struggle: Thai prisoners battling it out for flexibility | Totally free Doc Bites | Cost-free Documentary

Prison Fight: Thai prisoners battling it out for freedom | Free Doc Bites | Free Documentary

In several nations, great conduct can decrease a jail sentence. In Thailand, distinct principles utilize: prisoners virtually fight for their liberty.

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  1. this dude really said everyone should have a second chance of life wrong what about those people who killed lots of people like 30 people you think that person should be let out of jail

  2. To all those pointing out the sentence difference between murder and stabbing, the murderer may have got the minimum sentence or had his sentence reduced from previous fights and the stabber may have got the maximum sentence due to their respective judges's judgement

  3. " We film regardless" as expected from a reporter… they would would film even in nuclear explosion battle.

  4. Make some cars with guns and give it to them to race. It's better. Trust me 😉

  5. why is the starting background music harry’s KSI diss track music

  6. of course all the so called tourist will lose, they fight only for fun but these prisoners fight for they own freedom. Gap in motivation is too big.

  7. ill fight till im satisfied and i want to lose if i were to fight them.

  8. their fighting for their freedom, of course their gonna be hungrier than the tourist.

  9. How tf does a real boxer lose to a prisoner with no experience – It means you aren't dedicated to boxing –

  10. It was cool that the thai guy won, i didn't really like the german one

  11. Just to clarify, the guy that got 25 years for stabbing is a mistranslation (or really an incomplete translation). The guy didn't just stab someone. He stabbed someone to death. And fun fact, all those exotic letters you see don't actually spell any words. Many of them aren't even letters in the Thai alphabet.

  12. Lol the corrupted government made money 2 ways, The spectators, the foreign boxers and then have prisoners fight for free with their life while they enjoy a good show whether win or lose. it's a Win win for the thai government. That's how fucked up and corrupted the government is. lmfao smh..

  13. am i the only one who went wtf he killed someone and got 10 years and the guy who stabbed a guy got 25 WTF!!!!!!!!

  14. "Hundreds of detainees share 2 cups"

    That one guy with an STD: so… um.. yeah…

  15. Imagine the motivation those guys have getting out of prison instead of spending there most of their lifes, you cant even compare some MMA champion ships for this no money no fame its just getting out of prison, they are fighting for their lifes no surprise only one turist managed to win

  16. Great train a bunch of murders on how to murder with their fists how perfect

  17. @11:20 Ayyooooo don't say anything let people find out on their own. Like if you saw what I saw.

  18. This is honestly stupid, the whole point of Prison is to give you time to think about your actions not fight and get out

  19. wasnt there a famous white boy that did this. i think they made a movie out of it.

  20. When the killer sent free from the prison, the guy who he has killed in heaven watching, "am i a joke to you?"

  21. why would they ever want to let there best fighters free?hmm seems legit

  22. give them hope, give them something to work for, help keeps the prison violence minimal when you don't want them.

  23. That is crazy so these guys have to hang in there in a prison that's overcrowded and definitely people die injust to get a chance at fighting her freedom after they finish close to most of their sentence I don't know that's just wild

  24. dude softens up & realizes the winner will go free… brutal sentence

  25. Fixing Violence with violence?? Lemme tell you how it make sense and also I am Thai myself we all have a hidden violent rage within us 8/10 Thai locals will resort to violence

  26. Fascinating. Tough as F these guy's. Respect to both parties no matter the crime.

  27. 2:32 His name is Laos fronts style.

    Not Thailand style.

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