Boat University in Bangladesh and Roleplay Faculty in Denmark | World Faculty | S01 E01| Cost-free Documentary

Boat School in Bangladesh and Roleplay School in Denmark | Planet School | S01 E01| Free Documentary

College In Bangladesh and Denmark.
Kawser in Bangladesh would not go to school. School arrives to him on a boat!
Stella’s school in Denmark is floating as perfectly – at minimum in the pupils creativity… A roleplaying match turns the complete college into the Titanic.
Given that Bangladesh is generally flooded through the rainy period, Kawser’s school has been constructed on a boat. The venture was funded by donations from close to the globe and without having placing any fiscal pressure on the kid’s people. Kawser and his mates see the floating faculty as a window into the planet. Most of the children have no electrical electric power at home. On the boat, they can look at teaching films and even use the web. This week, Kawser will facial area a quite unique exam: He is taking part in the swimming competitiveness for the initial time. The winner will get a solar lamp to acquire household. It would give more than enough mild to analyze by or participate in even following the sun has established. Of program, Kawser Totally would like to earn that lamp…
Stella attends a roleplaying university in Denmark. The motto modifications each individual 7 days – and the
lecturers will align all pieces of the classes with it. This week, the motto is “Titanic”. Stella chooses a historic costume for it, her classroom turns into the ship’s cabin and the youngsters get to develop daily life boats in Physics class. Just like the genuine Titanic, the ship in the Danish Osterskov Efterskole will go down in the stop. Stella has a really specific task: She will get to rescue all the little ones who do not deal with to build their personal everyday living boats. It can be just that the academics will not inform her HOW till the last minute…

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  1. I wish i had the school coming to my home.. i should have been a professor ..

  2. I liked the idea of the roleplaying school. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (very mild, very little difficulty with verbal communication or cognitive skills), and I feel that more schools and programs for people with disabilities should include role playing. It can help those individuals work on social skills, communication, or even basic daily living skills.

  3. This kind of floating schools should be available in Nepal and Bolivia. The students from these two countries struggle a lot to reach schools.

  4. The boat school is such a great idea. The Bangladesh govt should get more of them so that ore students can stay if school during rainy season

  5. Welldone Kawser, we love your idea, it's a change and " Change is the end result of all true learning." (said by Leo Buscaglia)

  6. I am from Bangladesh. Co-education activities are running in 95% of schools in our country. Where boys and girls take classes in the same classroom. There are also separate school arrangements for boys and girls.But boys and girls do not take separate classes in the same school. Both are Shares the same classroom.

  7. of course it's an "efterskole" i mean they litterally all have some sorta theme to them haha

  8. many of the translations were so wrong lol, nothing major (i hope) just minor mistakes

  9. I’m actually so jealous cuz we just learn and some role play titanic w̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞h̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞y̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞s̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞o̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞o̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞o̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞o̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞o̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞o̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞u̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞n̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞f̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞a̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞r̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞e̳̳̼̟̮ͨ́ͫ͜͠͠͞͞(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  10. the girl dressed in full clothing in final of swimming competetion is my hero

  11. 15:17
    I am feeling very bad for that girl. Both boy and girl goes to school and come back. But only the boy gets love from her mother. Boy gets kiss on his cheek from her mother, but that girl gets nothing. She is worthless for her mother. Tears are rolling down from my eyes.

  12. So happy he won I got so excited for him and he and his family need it and deserve it.. that was so great to watch!!

  13. They don't go to school the school comes to them wow that's a first

  14. Swimming contest and Denmark's students roleplay show are interesting.

  15. i also live in banladash. i am also a muslim. i can speak in bangla .

  16. 😎 I was stunned to watch a free documentary in the world. about Community Affairs out there, which I don’t know much about it. Especially about children the most dangerous way to school and other documentaries. Incredible panorama. I have fallen in love with a free documentary , continuing many hidden episodes inside and beyond our expectations.
    Amazing, I 🌷 you all teamwork. 🚴‍♂️

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  19. I watching all free Documentaries beautiful but this Bangladesh Documentary so special 💕 from 🇵🇰

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  21. This is good, they educate and motivate the childrens in good ways. Unlike philippines communist people brainwash the children teach them to fight against goverment , bring them to mountain , train them to hold guns .and left them when they died on battle .

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  25. what a fantastic way of teaching! I think will everyone will learn a lot more than just history or physics. Participation in lessons will build your character & your thoughts and actions will make you morally correct for most of the time.

  26. 12:07 i used to 2 be just like dem. Whenever someone is using a phone or a laptop i would look at what they were doing without even understanding.

  27. I love my Bangladesh.

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